In the lands of Sedatis, magic is not as you have read in stories or fairy tales. Magic is a curse, and the Damned who wield it seek to harm, torture, and kill so those who know of their existence will forever tremble in fear. Their intent, their purpose, is for Chaos to claim the souls of this world.


For it matters not if you are a King stuck in the ways of the past, a Prince and Princess who wish to forge a new path, a Lord who wishes prosperity for his Kingdom and family, a hero of legend wielding a fabled weapon from an ancient past, a daughter who leaves home seeking answers to dark questions, sons searching for their own place in antiquity, or a father burdened by his role in the eternal conflict.


See Sedatis through their eyes, feel their pain, cry their tears of sorrow, savour their moments of passion, urge them caution in their pursuits of revenge, and push them forward in their quests for redemption when Chaos comes to Claim their Souls.


The novel now available for purchase! I hope you love reading it as much as I did writing it. 





Vinletsu is dead, the Vale of Hope desecrated, and the Order’s numbers purged. Now, in the aftermath of the death of his mentor, Einar finds himself the de facto leader of the Order of Hope with the survivors of the siege looking to him for guidance in these times of peril. Tough choices lie ahead for the giant; every decision a difficult one affecting not only him, but the future of Sedatis.


Escaping Hope before the battle, Arno Alaflorian and Lord Westen Ashmoore walk the docks of Raspari’s harbour searching for the infamous pirate Captain Haythem Pasway. They seek safe passage to the Lord’s home of Zelmasca aboard his vessel the Melanina. Will the pirate agree to such a pact? Can the Lord agree to his terms if he does? The two other Alaflorian children, Ana and Lochlin, along with Prince Wilam of Marakos journey north to the Citadel of the Damned. Their quest is one for answers. The answers to their questions regarding their mother’s death and a possible way to save Wilam’s sister, Ashalia, from the Chaos which claims her soul.


In the wake of his victory, King Duran marches Edwin’s Royal Army towards Zelmasca hell-bent on burning Lord Ashmoore’s home to the ground in response to his betrayal. While his wife, Queen Ashalia, sets loose her Cult of the Damned to the Kingdoms in the east wishing them to run rampant amidst the innocents there.


Sedatis is in peril. The balance in flux. Unhindered, the Chaos will continue to spread claiming the souls of Sedatis. Who will raise the Calm to fight against it?​




The crystal has been shattered, and with it, Luna was freed from her timeless prison. Her two older children, Ana and Lochlin, travelled to the Citadel Of The Damned to seek the answers to her death. Instead, she stands before them alive and well having not aged a day since she departed Hope more than ten years ago. While happy, the crystal prison didn’t shatter on its own, Prince Wilam was responsible. The red darkness of the Chaos shard flowed through him with incredible rage, and shattered the prison. Thus revealing his secret, he possesses a piece of the ancient artifact.


Meanwhile in Zelmasca, King Duran brought Edwin’s great army to destroy the newly crowned King Ashmoore’s home. Before Queen Ashalia joined his army the Zelmascans were able to hold their ground, but when she joined they could not overcome. The city was set ablaze, the casualties colossal, and the Zelmascan Queen captured in the process. While Edwin did retreat for unknown reasons, the battle was their victory. 


In the aftermath of the battle, Haythem Pasway, Gaetan Morrowind, Cesare, and Taama formed a fellowship to rescue Queen Siena from the maw of the beast in Edwin and return her to Zelamsca where she belongs as King Westen Ashmoore aims to unite the people of Sedatis against Edwin.


Arno escaped Zelmasca during the battle with Princess Marcella Ashmoore, and the pirate Toorn. Outside the city’s sewers, Toorn succumbed to his battle wounds, and gifted Arno his mystical compass, instructing him to follow it to the Florian. Disheartened, Arno follows the device with the Zelmascan Princess towards The Fangs where he believes his destiny awaits him.


The Chaos is loose upon Sedatis, and the Calm of old has risen to fight against it. What events of the future will be scribed in stone? What ghost of the past will give rise to new legends?





The fellowship was successful. The Zelmascan Queen travels home, but it came at a cost. Gaetan was slain in the armoury while Haythem found himself standing face to face with Ashalia and the entire Edwinian Army. With little choice, Haythem revealed his true identity, Meridius Anduin Dogun, Ashalia’s believed dead uncle, and the true heir to the Marakosian throne. Despite the predicament, he made a final request. He desired to be sent home to face his brother King Lothar for his final judgement. Haythem believes Lothar stole his life from him, and wishes to look Lothar in the eyes and ask him why before he dies. Ashalia willfully granted the request, not for Haythem, but for her own nefarious plans.

Meanwhile, Ana and Wilam travel to Marakos themselves for their own audience with Wiliam’s father Lothar. They wish to convince him to enlist Marakos against Ashalia and the Chaos she desires to unleash upon Sedatis. It is there hope he will listen to reason with knowledge Wilam has to offer him.


Dealing with the conflict in his own way, Lochlin delves deep into an ancient library searching for his purpose in this eternal conflict. While Arno partakes in his own quest, that of his fallen friend Toorn, to find the Florian.


With Chaos on the rampage and Calmness free, what deeds will the scribes leave unnamed in histories while those who were there will never have the luxury of forgetting them?