As an avid fantasy reader, watcher, and gamer, I have great respect for those who have created their own epic worlds and characters. My infatuation with these worlds is far beyond just the words on a page or images on a screen. I have often found myself developing theories and drawing conclusions about these carefully constructed masterpieces thereby finding myself lost in their lore and wondering where I would fit within it. Until one day, I found myself wandering their worlds and stopped, pondering why not my own?

And, so it began. I created my own world calling it Sedatis, ironically settling on a name which translates to "After Settling" in Latin. I chose not to commit any of my ideas to paper, but it never stopped the dreaming of new characters, places, structures, and rules within my own little world. 

For years, I kept constructing and moulding Sedatis into something I was proud and excited about. If there was a night I couldn't sleep, without a doubt, the time was spent adding to the lore and intrigue. Although I continued to refuse to put my ideas to paper, it never hindered my imagination from adding to Sedatis. I was afraid, I will admit it. What if no one enjoyed my world as much as I do? What if my words had no way of doing my imagination justice? I didn't want to fail myself. For the last thing, I wanted was anyone to hate this world I had been spent countless hours creating over the years. That was until one day, sitting there, I snapped out of it. I drove, that second, to the store and bought a notebook. I started writing the first of hopefully many tales within my world of Sedatis. While I hope all who enter the world of Sedatis with me enjoy it as much as I do, the truth is it doesn't matter. I have a story to tell and, if nothing else, I owe it to myself to tell it to the rest of the world.