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So, has been some time since I have supplied all of you an update. Well, at least here. Perhaps, I should blog more on here? Regardless, what have I been up to you may ask? Pretty simple answer actually. The Second book in my series The Auspice of Balance, Some Will Raise The Calm Of Old now finds itself in editing stages! Yes, that's right. Now before anyone asks, no I don't have a timetable for when that's going to be completed, when will be available for purchase, or even when pre-orders will be available for that matter. But, I promise you this when I know I will let you know. One thing I will tell you all, this book I am beyond proud of of how it came out. It continues the themes of When Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls the sadness, the pain, the intrigue, the battles, and of course the sorcery. When all of you get your hands on it, I hope you love it as much as I do. And, of course, ready for part three.

Other than writing I have been doing speeches and book signings, and has all been nothing but a surreal experience. Never did I believe I would find myself in this situation, yet here I am living it. All of it is because all of you have enjoyed my world, and the story woven within it. I started writing about Sedatis because I had enough of just dreaming about it. Never did I think that doing so would change my life as much as it has. So from the bottom of my heart, however cheesy that sounds, thank you.

With the sap out of the way, it is holiday time. I wanted to get an opinion from you all. My last giveaway was a huge success. So many people engaged, so many new people I had a chance to speak with. Many of whom wanted to just talk with me about my experiences in writing, and how I went about getting started. Cool is really the only word I have to describe the experience. On that note, I want to do something else, something bigger and better. Maybe another giveaway, linked to when the new book, once its out that is? I am unsure on this, since will still be a ways before out. So perhaps something else? I have wall Maps of Sedatis, posters of the cover of When Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls. Either of which I could sign and send just as I did before. Or don't like any of those ideas give me another I am open to suggestions. Regardless, email me, connect with me on Facebook or Twitter, and let me know what you think.

And with that, if I don't hear from you, have yourself a wonderful Christmas, or if Christmas isn't your thing enjoy the holiday season with whatever it offers you.

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