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Great News Everyone

Another blog post and instead of complaining I haven't done this is quite some time I'll start off with some news! March. March what? Well, March 2019 is when SOME WILL RAISE THE CALM OF OLD the second book in the Auspice Of Balance will be available for purchase! Now I bet you didn’t think you would be getting that news today, did you? Regardless of the fact or not, I promise you it’s the truth.

With that there’s more great news, feedback has been so wonderful from the beta readers of book two that prospects for a quicker release of book three looks quite reasonable and dare I say a near sure possibility. Without any promises, you may be able to get your hands on book three by the end of the year! Yes, you read that correctly. When I know more which directly applies to release dates and such you will all be made aware.

In celebration, when closer to the release I’ll be doing a signed-copy giveaway of book two. And just as the previous giveaway there’ll be no place in the world where I won’t send the copy to. So when the stipulations are stated please don’t let where you call home be a deterrant from you entering.

And with that, thank you. Not only for reading this but appreciating my work so I have been able to get to this level. It means the world to me. /bow /salute

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