• Daniel E. Glassford

Kingdom of Marakos

Marakos is the Kingdom which sweeps over much of the eastern lands of Sedatis. Besides its namesake the capital of Marakos the major towns and regions are the mining city of Exomar, the fishing settlement of Hyacintho, the gorge city of Asphar, the holy site of Erie Fall, the Fangs coast, and the vassal Kingdom of Xylan.

Marakos is one of the oldest Kingdoms in Sedatis. There are no written records which do not speak of its existence therefore dating Marakos’ creation before the sundering. Marakos is full of prosperity, and that prosperity extends beyond the royal and noble families. Exomar is a city whose whole creation was to house those working in the mines. Within the mines one will find anything from precious metals such as gold and silver or those required to forge steel such as iron and carbon. Hyacintho while one of the colder places in Sedatis is a thriving fishing settlement where fish, crab, seals whales are caught for their meat and bones. The Fangs coast is the most fertile farming land in Sedatis and provides food not only for those of the Kingdom of Marakos, but is traded to the other Kingdoms for ludicrous prices merely because they can. All these tradable goods allow the wealth of Marakos to shine through wherever one may visit within the limits of Marakos.

Besides increasing their wealth, the people of Marakos appreciate the furtherance of knowledge and within the city of Marakos sits the largest library in Sedatis. The library is known as the Spire of Endless Knowledge and is fabled to house a copy of any tome or scroll ever written making its curators the caretakers of history. Regardless of Marakos’ prosperity in terms of economics and their pursuits of knowledge one would be a fool to ignore their military prowess. Their infantry is believed to be only second in number to that of Edwin, but their mounted warriors numbers are unequaled by the rest of Sedatis combined. Furthermore, they have the largest navy at their disposal by quite an overwhelming margin. It is because of these things none have dared challenge Marakos for centuries.

The current King of Marakos Lothar Dogun is a hard man, but has ruled his Kingdom peacefully while furthering the prosperity of himself and his people for many years. His wife died within hours of giving birth to their twins Ashalia and Wilam. Ashalia was married off to Duran the heir to the throne of Edwin to maintain peace between the two Kingdoms. While Wilam, the heir to the Marakosian throne was exiled by his father for reasons unknown, leaving doubt surrounding the future of the Kingdom.

So how will Marakos affect the future of Sedatis? Well truly is a great question.

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