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The Alaflorians

The Alaflorians are one of the major families featured in WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM OUR SOULS. This blog will highlight those in the story. What type of characters they are and their motivations without giving away plot of the story.

Gauss Alaflorian

Gauss is the current Grandmaster of the Order of Hope. He ascended to the position during the last Damned War when the role was refused by Vinletsu, following the death of Lord Malcolm Raven. He is an honourable man who values life when others will never consider doing so. The man has suffered through several terrible tragedies in his lifetime and as a result takes no decisions lightly. Gauss, without fail, allows the burdens of the past to weigh on him endlessly, regardless of his role in those past events. Furthermore, Gauss is an accomplished swordsman with skills unmatched or challenged by few throughout the known world. His victories have resulted in his rise to a name of legend something he never wanted or believes he deserves. “One deserves no fame or should gain no joy in taking a life.” is a mantra he holds true to.

Luna Alaflorian

Luna is the daughter of the former Grandmaster Lord Malcolm Raven and wife to Gauss Alaflorian. The two were married shortly after the death of Lord Raven on the western coast of Sedatis overlooking the sea. While known for her remarkable beauty and grace, her skills as a warrior should never be discounted for she is quite capable of holding her ground while standing toe to toe with anyone. Even with such a fact, Luna was lost during an encounter between herself, Gauss, and Talion within the confines of the Citadel of the Damned during the last war. The effects of her lost burden all the members of the Alaflorian family especially Gauss whose mention of her name saddens him greatly, but to him and his children what she fought for will never be forgotten.

Ana Alaflorian

Ana is the eldest child, in her nineteenth year, and the only daughter of Gauss and Luna. She is strong willed and high tempered. Others often believe her to act irrationally, but her intentions are always good in nature. Ana has no qualms about what some refer to as gender roles; she beats to her own drum, wishing to live her own life and forge her own path as she sees fit. Being gifted with the beauty and elegance of her mother, one would be a fool to treat this young women as anything but a formidable threat, for she will never hesitate in teaching a lesson in respect to those who lack any. Daggers are her weapons of choice, some question if this is because they allow her subtly and stealth with the ability to judge those who don’t know her without being threatened by a visible weapon. Only time will tell if this is actually the case.

Lochlin Alaflorian

Lochlin in his sixteenth year, is the middle child of Gauss and Luna, and their eldest son. He is brilliant in every aspect the word implies, with knowledge far surpassing anyone who he has encountered. This is evident when those many years his senior often come to him consulting for advice on a variety of topics. While he enjoys increasing his knowledge base and involving himself in tomes, this is not meant to imply his combat skills should not be overlooked. Lochlin has been honing his skills for some time and while Gauss believes, he may have been doing so as a way to prove something to those in Hope, the truth is swordplay is another thing Lochlin wishes to excel at. He wields a longsword forged from his own unique set of instructions, the blacksmith bached at them believing the process was an impossibility. The result was a remarkable blade crafted with Lochlin’s knowledge, and hence why the lad named it so and wears it with pride.

Arno Alaflorian

Arno is the youngest child and son of Gauss and Luna Alaflorian. The boy was only in his third year when his mother was lost to him. He often struggles with his emotions, allowing them to determine his actions without prejudice. While at the start of the story Arno is only in his twelfth year, Arno's skills with the bow are already breeding legends within the confines of Hope. Furthermore, while only just recently starting his training with the sword his skills are surprising those in Hope believing he may have his inherited father's instincts with.

These are the Alaflorians the family which has been involved in the fabric of Sedatis for countless generations. Learn and live through them upon WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM OUR SOULS release. Once again thank you all for your interest, none of this would be possible without all of you and your interest.

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