• Daniel E. Glassford

The Damned

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

So who are the Damned? Well, the question isn't hard to answer. The Damned are simply those of Sedatis who have been granted or cursed with magical talents. The context of which is dependant upon who you ask. Most only control one element one of Fire, Ice, Arcane, or Lightning, but there have been cases of other elements in play. Those who can control more than one element tend to have a higher understanding and control of their powers. All those with talents tend to have their eyes glow symbolizing the powers they possess, but again this is not always the case either. Truthfully there is much, which is not understood about the Damned themselves.

So why are they called Damned then you may ask? Well, magic in Sedatis doesn't have a happy history. So explaining the context a quick history lesson would be useful.

Long ago the Kingdom of Utari controlled almost the entire central area of Sedatis. The people in Utari always aimed to reach a higher standing regardless of their current one. Eventually, some Utarians began to wield the power of the Gods themselves. The power they wielded simply put is the magic we have already spoken about. What they used it for is lost to history but what followed was not. The Gods were vengeful; they didn't believe the Utarians were worthy of their power, so punished them. The Gods vengeance caused the sundering of the grown their precious civilization stood upon. The ground collapsed beneath them crumbling into the depths lost to the world. Most of Utarian civilization was destroyed leaving only remnants of the city in the north and a crater forever scaring Sedatis' centre. It remains to this day as a reminder to those foolish enough to believe they can wield the power of the Gods.

After the sundering those with talents still appeared, but now they didn't wield such power by choice, they were chosen randomly as if cursed with it. Many couldn't control the power causing chaos to spread throughout all of Sedatis. This lead the world to take action against all those "damned" to this fate to be executed.

Even with this practice in place and regardless of the morality behind it. Countless people of Sedatis were killed at the hands of The Damned. During the last war, a man named, Talion organized and lead the Damned to fight under him. Creating a fighting force whose purpose was to unleash chaos upon the world to whom he deemed not worthy of living in it.

Talion was slain, but the scars of the war still run deep. The world fears what the Damned are capable of because they have seen it. Executions of all those believed Damned are carried out swiftly. The Damned have no rights in many eyes they exist as a reminder of past crimes and should be purged from the world for the greater good. Some believe the world is capable of a better solution that no one regardless of who they are should be punished for the crimes of others in the past. Does the life of one outweigh the possibility of thousands of lives one could take? A question for everyone living in Sedatis thinks differently on. The thought of the Damned not being damned is one of Hope and maybe even wishful thinking entirely.

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