• Daniel E. Glassford

The Exherion Dynasty

The Exherion Dynasty has ruled the Kingdom of Edwin since Kings and Queens have been recorded in the tomes of history. The Kingdom beginnings were as a mere village on the plateaus looking over the Potian Islands off the southeast coast of Sedatis. Over the centuries the Exherion Dynasty has seen the Kingdom expand through a variety of military and amiable pursuits. Maintaining the family’s legacy is now left to its current Monarch Thasaurian.

Thasaurian has reigned King of Edwin for more than fifty years at the start of WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM OUR SOULS. He is known as a passionate man who cares about his people dearly. While his care for his Kingdom has never been in doubt, he is stubborn and stuck in his ways. Control is paramount in his method of rule and confrontation with his aids is not something he takes to lightly.

Thasaurian has never involved Edwin in a war with another Kingdom during his reign. This is not to say there has been no conflict within Edwin's borders. There have been a few uprisings, but nothing major in terms of the descent of the people. The only major conflict of note is the last Damned War where the man known as Talion organized the Damned and sought to spread chaos through not only Edwin but all of Sedatis. During the war, Thasaurian aided the Order of Hope in their pursuits of Talion or as some would say were commanded to do so by Thasaurian.

It was during this conflict that tragedy struck the Exherion family. Thasaurian has always been strict on how to deal with those afflicted with the Damned curse. They deserve nothing, but death no matter who they are and has never wavered from this stance. During the war, Queen Yasmin became afflicted with the curse in addition to his two eldest sons Faris and Rashid. When this revelation was made, Yasmin and their two sons were placed in one of the bed chambers as their fate was determined. When Thasaurian went to see and speak to the three of them he found them dead with dagger wounds to each their hearts and Yasmin lay between them with a note in her lap addressed to the Thasaurian. He has never revealed the full contents of the letter besides the fact the three of them were killed by his wife. Some believe she committed the act because she knew what had to be done, others feel it was so the King did not have to order it so, and last because she didn’t believe Thasaurian could order them to be executed. Whatever the reason may be the result remains the same, Thasaurian was left with only his youngest son Duran and a continued hatred for the Damned and the chaos they bring.

Duran, Thasaurian's youngest son, was never expected to be the Heir to Edwin but has been thrust into the position these last ten years. His entire life till the death of his brothers and mother was intended to be one of service. Duran trained with some of the best warriors in the Kingdom and studied the arts of war. He wields the Exherion family axe, Shriek, and his skills with the weapon should not be ignored. Over these last years, Thasaurian has been filling his mind with matters of state to groom him to be the King Edwin needs and continue the Dynasty of his ancestors. To ensure the peace Thasaurian has fought long and hard for, he arranged a marriage between Duran and Ashalia Dogun, the princess and twin to the future King of Marakos Wilam. While this was, without a doubt, a political marriage it should be noted the two have grown to care for one another deeply these last years, which can only be of benefit for both Kingdoms and Sedatis’ future as a whole.

How will the Exherion Dynasty impact the future of Sedatis? Well, that is anyone’s guess.

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