• Daniel E. Glassford

The Guild of Flight Masters

Within the world of Sedatis news and correspondence does not travel in the customary way you may be used to. While some deliver such things in a customary fashion by having them hand delivered the preferred way of communication is by the guild of Flight Masters. Who are they, and how did they learn their craft?

In the simplest of terms they are taught their craft from others who practice the craft themselves. Birds are fickle and they do not tend to trust those they don’t know. They fear just as you and I that approaching the unknown can often lead to them coming to harm. While birds can be trained to approach those who are not Flight Masters such an instance, though, is a rarity and reserved generally for nobles and royalty. So to become part of the guild one must apprentice under a current member, this is believed so the birds become slowly accustom themselves to a particular person while seeing a familiar face.

Flight Masters deliver messages as simple as hello or news as important as notifications of death or declarations of war making them an essential part of any town, city, or kingdom. One important factoid of the guild is each Kingdom’s Flight Masters send their messages with a particular species of bird, as a way of determining who a message is from while it is in flight especially if such a bird is not native to the lands where it may be seen. The associations are as follows: Edwin uses an eagle, Hope an owl, Marakos a raven, Zelmasca a toucan, Xylan a hawk, Utari a finch, Darrowmire a falcon, Saphrius a blue jay, Oolitic a hummingbird, and Bayalia a sparrow. It is important to note, as well, the towns and cities within each kingdom use the specific birds representing their Kingdom, meaning a town such as Flumina uses an eagle.

Moreover, it should be noted that Flight Masters do not only deliver news when requested to do so, but they do to spread news to one another throughout Sedatis. They see this practice as their primary responsibility and the delivery of messages as a way of supporting themselves and their family. So the role of a Flight Master is not only a noble cause, but an essential one.

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