• Daniel E. Glassford

The Kingdom of Edwin

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

Edwin is a Kingdom in Sedatis which is located mostly in the west. It is the largest Kingdom by landmass, second in terms of population, and its capital Edwin is the namesake of the Kingdom. The Kingdom's other major towns and cities include Raspari, Mountainview, Flumina, Beckland, and Torrentis. Edwin also rules over Zelmasca, which now operates as a vassal Kingdom providing its Liege Lord as an advisor to the crown.

Edwin is one of the oldest kingdoms in Sedatis. Its origins are debated but records exist dating their rule beginning before the sundering of Sedatis. Edwin's territory has changed much over time but the southwest of Sedatis which they have always held dominion over. Edwin is known to have the largest standing army in all of Sedatis although some do question the ability to adequately train such a fighting force. Even with these whispers no one has stood against the Royal Army to put the hypothesis to test.

Edwin has always valued strength, using their military might to strike fear into those who would oppose them. They have, though, remained mostly peaceful over the last few centuries and completely since Zelmasca joined the kingdom. They believe strongly in traditions and the ways of the past. Change is a hard thing to come by for its Royalty especially for its current King Thasaurian. He has ruled for over fifty years and although now on in years he still strikes fear into those when speaking his mind. His stubbornness causes him to argue with others constantly, but regardless Thasaurian has enjoyed peace and has never been at war with another kingdom while he has reigned. So to all who argue with his methods his way of rule has been prosperous and beneficial to all those of Sedatis.

The people within Edwin differ dramatically upon where they live more so than any of the other kingdoms. This has much to do with the large amount of area within the kingdom spanning north to south of Sedatis. This is quite evident upon visiting the different towns and cities within the kingdom, some believe they have entered another kingdom entirely. The difference between the people in Raspari and those in Zelmasca is substantial, but the kingdom is able to connect its populace making each citizen feel just as important as any another. Don't let that deter you from the fact most of the Kingdom lives within Edwin, with a population of well over 500,000 making it the second largest city in Sedatis.

So what role does Edwin play for the future of Sedatis? Well, only time will tell.

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