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The Order Of Hope

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

This will be the first in a series of blogs about the people and places within the world of Sedatis. Before starting it is important to note something all chapters written in "When Chaos Comes to Claim Our Souls" are written in a point of view style meaning all descriptions and opinions are those of the character whose viewpoint it is. The blogs written here, though, and all the information they contain is 100% cannon containing no obstructed viewpoints or opinions. Now with that out of the way here is your introduction into the world of Sedatis.

There are many kingdoms within the lands of Sedatis, but The Order of Hope is not one of them. While The Order controls the Vale of Hope and the city of Hope itself The Order is an independent faction. The Order has no allegiance to any of the kingdoms or city states on the continent. The Order's creation was for the purpose of protecting the innocent from the threat of the Damned. How this purpose is fulfilled depends on one interpretation of that purpose. For most of known history this has translated to hunting down and executing those afflicted by the "curse". While recently others have taken the purpose of protecting the innocent to mean all innocent including Damned who have committed no wrongs.

Before getting into the structure of The Order it is important to know the land they chose to settle as their home. In the northwestern lands of Sedatis there is a vale surrounded by a mountain range with a circular shape. The original members choose this land and called their city Hope since they believed they were humanities hope for the future. The section of the mountains which surround the vale were named the Face of Hope and the vale named The Vale of Hope. There is a small gap between the mountains on the southern edge how this gap formed is lost to history, but it is the only known entrance to the vale. What spans this gap today is the Hope Gate. The massive gate is 40 feet in height and 50 feet wide. It is made entirely of the White Wood, but has been reinforced over the centuries with steel making it even more formidable. The gate and the mountains flanking it are lined with steel blades up to three feet long and less than a foot apart. These blades are angled downwards to prevent climbing on any kind. If this wasn't formidable enough behind the gate offers more. Two towers, known as the High Towers, crafted out of White Wood tower 75 feet high looking down on all those who would approach the gate. These towers have numerous cutouts as archers can roam the spiral stairs within them to rain down fury from a variety of locations while remaining behind cover.

If one is granted entry into the vale, they have a view within is just as awe inspiring as behind the gate, but for a multitude of different reasons. The vale is populated with the beautiful White Wood Trees all reaching for the sky to touch the clouds of whose colour they match. There is no evidence of any other colour within their wood making them one of nature's marvels. This beauty is seen no where else in Sedatis, but regardless of beauty the wood rivals stone in strength. If that were not enough each tree blooms in a specific colour and the variety of colours is seemingly endless. They also bloom all year round regardless of weather giving each season its own unique look. It was as if someone painted a picture, and the gods made it so.

The walkways leading you through the vale are tiled with planks and squares cut out of White Wood making the grass appear even greener than it already is. One can often find themselves dazed following the paths all over the vale. These walkways will lead you from the gate to the city of Hope and its Castle.

The town is centred by its castle followed being encircled the training grounds. These grounds are bordered by the homes and businesses of all the artisans working their trade. There are now eight successive rings of homes and roads beyond the trade circle, each one increasing relative to the last. The homes are simple here, built on need with the materials found and made within the vale. The people here have purpose and extravagance is not one of them.

Before we get to the castle, on Northern edge of the Vale two rivers flow down from mountains to create Hope's Lake. This lake is the major water source to Hope's people the lifeblood which has allowed Hope to prosper. There is a monument built back here surrounded by White Woods all of which bloomed in pink, but this is a tale for another day.

The castle is as old as any home within the vale. It is made the same way as all of the other structures here with materials found and crafted within the vale. The stone of the mountains, the White Wood trees, and steel forged within the city's forges. The castle is three stories high each floor severing a specific purpose. The ground floor is for feasting and arms. There are tales of hidden chambers underground, but without evidence one cannot speak on it. The second is sleeping quarters for guests, members of the council, and their families. The third floor houses the council chambers and the Flight Master quarters. It is of note the council chambers contain the famed White Wood Table and its 6 chairs. Many decisions were made upon this table just like many more will continue to be. This is the place where The Order and city run from.

The Order is ruled by the Grandmaster and the council. The council was formed by the original six members of The Order all of whom vote to appoint a Grandmaster. If one is not chosen, then the council rules as one until one is appointment and decided upon. Each member of the council chooses their own successor, while over time it has been a custom to choose a family member, it is not a requirement. Issues before the council range anywhere from supplies within the city to their primary purpose of protecting the innocent.

To live within Hope's walls, one must be a member of the Order, a relative of a member, or an approved artisan. To become a member, one must plead their case to the council or the Grandmaster specifically. It is worth noting some members of The Order do not live or reside in Hope. While often members are not within the confines of the city, they still reside there. Watchers are members of The Order who are assigned to other cities or kingdoms on request. Being a Watcher is considered a great honour for any member and frequently is a position sought as to be closer to their family.

Lastly, The Order lives by words of their creed "Nothing is forbidden to us" the interpretation of these words varies from member to member, but it means something particular to each and member.

Hopefully, this leads to some insight into the world I have created. Any questions feel free to ask, but know this is the first of many blogs about the people and places within all of Sedatis.

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