• Daniel E. Glassford

The White Hammer

Today’s blog gives a basic background without giving away any plot from WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM OUR SOULS. So in accordance with the blog concerning the Alaflorian’s any questions asked regarding the particular characters which involve plot points I will not answer and you will have to wait to discover them yourself on your own but I do appreciate the curiosity.

To understand Vinletsu, one has to understand how it began. He was born to quite simple means in the city of Asphar. Every so often when the snows covering the northern mountains melt and flood the waters of Nixtaris river. This overflow, at times, floods the gorge surrounding Asphar. After one of these floods subsided one spring, Vinletsu was only a young boy and he found a Warhammer within the loose sediment north of Asphar. It was the fabled Warhammer known today as White Hammer. Vinlestu was barely able to lift the legendary weapon the day he happened upon it, but it made no difference, from that day he has made it his sole objective to learn to wield the ancient weapon.

Vinletsu has fought in countless battles and wars over the years defending those in need of his protection and putting down those who would harm the innocent. These deeds have given him much notoriety as the man in white all over Sedatis. He has served as a Watcher for both Xylan and Marakos before the unexpected deaths of his wife and daughter. Since then he has lived in Hope serving the Order of Hope there faithfully and honourably with the now legendary White Hammer on his back ready at any moment.

While Vinletsu is now a man on in years, well past his 70th year, he lacks no capabilities. The man, without question, still remains one of the greatest and most feared warriors in Sedatis. The years also have allowed him time to add to the excess of knowledge at his disposal. No more is he only a young man swinging his warhammer to defeat his foes, he is extremely well read, rumored to have read each and every tome within the confines of Hope’s library. Now, the living legend not only instructs the younger generations in the ways of the combat and weapons available to wield at their disposal but he passes down knowledge he has acquired through the generations, which he sees as with just as much importance.

I look forward to all of you learning and reading more on Vinletsu and his legendary White Hammer in WHEN CHAOS COMES TO CLAIM OUR SOULS.

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