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Time For An Update

So before you say it, I know, it has been awhile since I have done a blog post. The good news is this is because I have been involved with plenty of book related things, and when you are trying to get out into the world as a writer this is not a bad thing. Nonetheless, I will try my best to keep you all up to date the best I can now and in the future. If you are suffering from withdrawal at any time though, you can connect with me on Twitter here as long as you can withstand a Toronto Maple Leafs rant every so often or you can like my Author Page on Facebook here Both I am on daily blurting out random rumblings.

Now that all of the apologies are out of the way, what is it that has had me so involved? Book sales have been going far better than I could have expected which is amazing and truth be told I have been enjoying signing copies much more than I ever believed I would. It is hard to explain the feeling but having people standing there not only excited to purchase your work but wanting you, the author, to sign it for them is nothing short of special. Not sure it is something I will ever get used to it.

Furthermore, we finally completed the full map of Sedatis, and it is something special indeed. Have a look for yourself.

As you can see the map is beautiful and I wasn't lying. To me the biggest thing getting lost staring at it and seeing the world I created come to life before my eyes. Soon enough, I will have my own canvas copy and the plan is to display it with pride on my wall. I know I seem to say this over and over, but everything seems surreal as if I am in a dream and will wake up at any moment now and yet here I am still dreaming. If you can, use me as any example of how you should never put something off because you are afraid of what others will think or you believe you aren't good enough. Stop arguing with yourself and just get started on whatever it is.

Lastly, for all of those who have read and enjoyed When Chaos Comes To Claim Our Souls you will be happy to know I have completed the first draft of Some Will Raise The Calm Of Old, the second chapter in The Auspice of Balance. Now this doesn't mean the book will be available for purchase today, but what it does mean is that you will be able to rejoin Sedatis where you left off "soon" for lack of a better word.

And finally, for those who haven't had the chance or are on the fence about joining the rest of us in the lands of Sedatis I will leave you with this video I recorded last week on my Facebook page. It stars me reading the Prologue of the novel, and if you are interested you will find a link to Amazon on the home page of this site.

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