• Daniel E. Glassford

Fellowship of Utari

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Utari in ages past was the largest empire in all of Sedatis. The Utarians held dominion over all lands in the central regions as well as all the north. This would amount to present day Mountainview and Beckland as its western border, Xylan and the White Lake on its eastern border, Torrentis the southernmost point, and everything in between and as far north as north went belonged to the Utarians. Once a place of wonder and awe where those of Sedatis observed with respect and even a little jealousy. That was until the sundering left their empire as a shadow of its former glory. The punishment delivered by the Gods destroyed most of their empire, leaving only what is left of the city Utari north of the Crater and the scattering settlements no longer bound to Utari in the west, east and the North Lands. This includes their former Holy Citadel at the northern tip of the continent once a place the Utari used to worship magic better known now as the Citadel of the Damned and abandoned by the Utarians.

Utari is now ruled by a council of seventeen all of whom provide their own unique perspective of the current world and how Utari can thrive within it. They recognize the rest of Sedatis blames the Utarians for the existence of the Damned. Even if over a thousand years have passed they don't want to deny their history. The council though wishes the views of outsiders don't weigh on its people. History may be harsh, but learning from it is the best for all of its residents. There also is a belief many of the residents in Utari and the Northlands are exiles and criminals from other kingdoms but there is no proof to its truthfulness. Regardless, this belief does deter travellers from venturing into the city.

There is no military presence in Utari besides those passing through. Many traders and vendors pass through stocking their wares to sell to those in the south and selling southern goods to those in the city. Even with the belief the city is overrun with criminals and no soldiers to protect the city its inhabitants crime appears to be non existent. There are rumours of a vigilante but again these seem to be just a fabrication as if to deter miscreants from their behaviour. Who knows it very well could be the council themselves doing so.

So while Utari Empire may longer exist. What remains of the blue city still prospers even if its visitors are few and far between.

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