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Weapons of Lore

Weapons are far from in short supply within the Sedatis lands, but those special weapons, the ones which are granted names to ensure they last through the ages are worth making a note of. In today’s blog I invite you to learn about some of these weapons and their place in the world of Sedatis.

Guardian Swords

These the swords wielded by members of the Order of Hope. They are bastard swords forged from a single piece of steel whose ore is mined from the mountains surrounding Hope. The crossguard of each of the blades is at ninety degrees, but as a stark difference to regular practice the steel is twisted and rounded at its ends. Their grips and pommels are crafted from the white wood trees and the only difference from each individual blade is each wielder carves their own pommel often times signifying their family ties.

Hope’s Destiny

This particular bastard sword is wielded by the Grandmaster of the Order of Hope. As the tomes of history explain, the blade was crafted from jewels which took the shape of ore the Order found when they first arrived in the Vale of Hope. This ore was melted down into steel, which was then forged into Hope’s Destiny. The surface of the blade is flawless and unscratchable having the strength to cut multiple foes in half with a single blow. Its cross guard is forged from the same jewel steel, but flank the cutting edges with the visage of the owls which inhabit the vale. Its grip and pommel are crafted from the white wood trees just as the Guardian swords are, but the grip is also wrapped in leather coloured to the current Grandmaster’s family ties. The sword is a remarkable piece of art in addition to being an efficient killing machine.


The ancestral blade of the Raven family was last wielded by Luna Alaflorian daughter to the late Lord Malcolm Raven. The blade is a short with a bright green hue as if it was crafted from jade. The blades forging origins and materials are unknown but it has never bent, chipped, or dulled, and seemingly is as light as a feather. This allows for quick and precise strikes which are capable of dealing devastating damage no matter of the wielders size. While its colouring and hilt may lead one to think it a toy, one would be foolish to believe it to be the truth.

The White Hammer

The legendary warhammer of Vinletsu came upon him by mere chance. He found the warhammer as a young boy after flood waters subsided north of Asphar. It is believed to be an ancient Utari weapon based upon the writing engraved on the shaft of the hammer. The head, shaft, and grip are all as white as the clouds as if the weapon was carved from white woods, but that is not the case. The weapon is as harder than anything anyone has ever seen and that in addition to its colour makes many believe it was a wish granted by the Gods themselves. Besides its metallurgy, one stark difference compared to other Warhammers is in the middle of its head has teeth or sword breakers as sharp as any blade and are the length of a man’s palm. Vinletsu himself has been known quite often to use these teeth to disarm his foes and has credited this oddity several times for saving his life.

Dusk and Dawn

Are the two daggers sheathed on Ana Alaflorian’s hips. The blades were forged in Hope to meet her own specifications. They are longer and wider than the common dagger in addition to having an exaggerated recurve. It is said she had the blacksmith fold the steel an unheard of number of times to ensure the strength of the blades would never be in doubt. Their guards are simple only serving to prevent her from cutting herself when thrusting with them. The differences between the two blades are their recurves are in the opposite direction so placing them side by side the blades create a circular shape between them representing the sun. Furthermore, one has an opal embedded in its pommel with white leather wrapping for a grip, and the other obsidian embedded in the pommel and black leather covering its grip the differences to represent dawn and dusk, respectively.


The Longsword of Lochlin Alaflorian was forged using his rather unique set of instructions he discovered within a tome in Hope’s library. He collected a variety of small pieces of steel along with steel powder and had Hope’s blacksmith place the materials inside a small steel box. The blacksmith believed the young man mad, but he did as he asked. The result of the forging was a blade with one of the most beautiful patterns along the blades cutting edges. Not only beautiful, the blade is strong and light for one of its size. The blacksmith to this day is baffled with how the blade was forged. For the blades hilt he respected traditions, and the smith crafted the pieces in the traditions of a Guardian sword. The young man carries the blade of his back with pride and as a symbol of his brilliance.


This recurve longbow was originally crafted for Luna Alaflorian, but now belongs to her youngest son Arno Alaflorian. The bow was carved out of a solid piece of white wood with a purpose in mind. The limbs of the bow have spikes carved into them which have been tipped with steel and are as sharp as any knife. Therefore this bow while a well crafted bow with strength and durability in mind in is also a capable close quarter melee weapon if such a situation were to arise.

Sun and Stars

The two near identical blades are wielded by the Heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Marakos. They are sabres which are twice the length at their bulge but still taper to a spear point at their top. The blades are white and have the look of being made from glass. While drawn they give the appearance as if they are absorbing the light surrounding their wielder. Their cross guards and pommel appear as if they are crafted from gold, but their hardness and durability suggests otherwise, also worth noting, although they are elegantly sculpted they have their own jagged points which are capable of inflicting their own damage. The only difference between the two are the words engraved on their edges which are only visible when light is present. What the engraving reads is lost to history as is their forging and creation, but that makes the swords no less formidable.


The great axe is currently wielded by Prince Duran of Edwin. It was forged centuries ago for the sole purpose of terrifying enemies. The axe is akin to a giant cleaver with an exaggerated beard increasing the cutting edge of the blade while its shaft has a slight inward curve. Not far from the edge is a hole with the purpose to honour the axe’s name when it cuts through the wind, in addition to reducing the weight of the weapon. While the axe can be wielded with one hand by a stronger wielder, it is intended to be swung with two to cause its intended devastation.

God’s Tooth

The mammoth greatsword of Einar Klausson. His father had the blade forged for his son at the age of 16 when he was already a giant amongst men, and other weapons had the look of daggers in his hands. The blacksmith proclaimed the blade was a weapon worthy of the Gods themselves when Einar mistakenly heard the man and thought the blade came from the Gods that miscommunication therefore granted the blade its name. The colossal blade’s length is more than a regular man and its width larger than that of a man’s palm. Most would struggle to lift the massive greatsword let alone swing the blade. Therefore, observing Einar accomplish such a feat with ease is one of elegance and majesty.

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