• Daniel E. Glassford

Kingdom of Zelmasca

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Zelmasca was at one time a Kingdom all its own. This was until it joined the Kingdom of Edwin thus ending a long-standing conflict between the two Kingdoms. Zelmasca now operates as a vassal to Edwin with its Liege Lord maintaining a secondary residence in Edwin as to ensure Zelamscan concerns are heard by the King. The Ashmoore's have ruled Zelmasca for centuries and its people have remained loyal through all conflicts and strife.

Zelmasca is known for its thriving culture and the artistic nature of its people. They are proud of who they are and aren't shy about showing it. They often dress eccentrically not shying away from colour or extravagance. This often leads to being able to spot a true Zelmascan travelling abroad or an outsider living within the city proper. Behind the walls, along the beautifully crafted stone alleyways, are a multitude of theatre groups and artist galleries which those from all over Sedatis journey in droves to see and experience. The artistic talent of its residents is what Zelamsca is known for and what is first spoken of first when mentioning its people.

This appreciation of the arts may lead you to believe that Zelmascans are ill equipped to defend themselves. While many outsiders believe Zelmascans to be pushovers fleeing from conflict, their army and militia shouldn't be ignored. Those who choose such a path are extremely well trained and seasoned fighters with a large variety of weapons at their disposal. Within Zelmasca's borders is also the largest legion of siege weapons in all of Sedatis. Trebuchets and ballistas line the walls of the city hidden from sight of all those who sit on the wrong side of the walls. Anyone daring to attack the city shouldn't do so lightly.

Zelmasca is also home to the second largest port in Sedatis, one of the main reasons Edwin wished to bring them into their fold. The port brings in countless shipments of goods and travellers on a daily basis not to mention is home to a formidable navy. The navy exists to deter pirates from making their way into the city but also is a major source of income for the city. The navy frequently is used for escorting outgoing or incoming merchant ships from pirates ensuring safe passage.

So while Zelmasca may be known as the artistic hub of Sedatis one would be foolish to underestimate its people.

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